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Royal Alana and CincoTurns out, I’m very distracted today!  My Kansas City Royals take on the fierce San Francisco Giants tonight in Game 1 of the 110th Worlds Series!  Everyone in Kansas City is pinching themselves… there’s electricity in the air along with constant chatter about the hometown team.  So, in my home, we’re all wearing our Royals gear and gearing up for a watch party complete with KC’s own Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbeque.  It’s so exciting!

Since my focus is not what it should be, rather than attempt to regale you with Networking wisdom today, I’m making a plea for YOU TO SHARE a bit of wisdom with me…. November is on the way.  For anyone who has been a member of CLC community for one year or more, you know that every November, I traditionally publish a blog post every day.  Yes!  Every. Single. Day.  As such, I am in need of topics and/or questions you want to hear about or discuss.  And, if you have a particular expertise or specific insight into your topic, please dish!  I’ll give credit where credit is due and look forward to an exciting month of learning and lessons related to building meaningful, authentic relationships!

You may leave a comment in the space below or send me a private message through this site.

Go @Royals!  #Be Royal  #TakeTheCrown

8 thoughts to “Please Help! Topics Needed”

  1. Here’s a few:

    1) When networking, what can I do for you if I can’t think of anything I can really do for you?

    2) Social interaction: How important is EQ (Emotional Intelligence) in being a “successful” networker/relationship-builder?

    3) Whatever happened to civility, manners, and what used to be understood as “common decency”? Or have we become a different society in America now?

    p.s. Game night #1 – Let the distractions begin!!! (Go Giants!)

    1. Awesome suggestions, Bobby (except, of course, the silly “Go Giants” comment…)! Thanks so much for your ideas. Keep ’em coming. 😉

  2. What is the most effective voicemail you have heard from someone wanting to connect and network with you, and they are not someone you know?

    How do you react gracefully, when someone turns down time to meet with you?

    Best tips on following up with people you have connected, and are wanting them to meet.

    What 3 things must you do first to get going in networking?

    The best way to say you have decided to leave your job, and look for something new when you are in a networking setting.

  3. I’d welcome advice on when/how to follow up on an request to connect when contact has been unresponsive. How does this differ when: you know the person or you don’t; the quality of the potential contact or what you expect to gain; when they initially respond back with a desire to help but then fail to follow through on scheduling.

  4. Local business networking groups: Advantages and disadvantages
    How to handle a poor outcome after utilizing a business in the group.
    How to participate in the group without having to respond to everyone’s “let me take you out to lunch” offer.

    1. Thanks for your great suggestions, Jake! Already using your ideas… the 11/2/14 post, “Membership Has Its Privileges,” should speak to your first recommendation. Grateful for your input.

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