I’ve Got Friends in Low Places

laurie-bolligIntro from Alana:

I’m so happy to reconnect you with my pal, Laurie Bollig.  You’ll remember her cool piece from last November, “There’s a Month for That.”

Laurie is the director of membership engagement for the College Sports Information Directors of America (CoSIDA). She’s a reader, writer and a sports fan. She loves sports information directors so much she married one. (Spoiler alert!  You’ll have a chance to get to know him tomorrow!)  As ever, Laurie is a great storyteller and you’ll like the way she shares this gift with CLC.  Join me in welcoming Laurie back to CLC!


Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks.  Guest Post by Laurie Bollig.

I recently saw a segment on one of the Sunday NFL preview shows. Tampa Bay quarterback Jamies Winston led an ESPN reporter and cameraman around the Bucs’ practice facility and introduced them to equipment guys, trainers, dining hall cooks, the ticket office staff and generally anyone they passed in the hall. Jamies knew them all by name. They loved him. You could just tell it. He respected them as co-workers and appreciated what they did on his behalf.

I was impressed.

That a highly visible athlete would take the time to know all the behind-the-scenes people who work for him on a daily basis spoke volumes to me about the true character of this somewhat polarizing sports figure.

I work with and for some of those behind-the-scenes people in athletics. These men and women provide important services for student-athletes on campuses across the country, telling their stories and promoting them. They are usually the first to show up to an event and the last to leave. They support student-athletes in the good times and are there for them in the bad times. They are professionals and they work as hard as the athletes they promote.

When I think about these professionals and all the other behind-the-scenes staff in college sports, I think about Garth Brooks’ song “Friends in Low Places.” You know the one. Garth tells his girlfriend that her snooty friends aren’t the ones he wants to hang out with. He prefers the company of his true friends – the ones who have his back.

How do you treat the people who have your back? Do you know the names of people who do the little things to make your life easier? Do you ever say thank you? The month of November provides a great opportunity to do just that.

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