Work from the Soft Edges

Where do you work?  I don’t mean what company do you work for.  I mean where do you sit down to complete the tasks of your day?  Do you work from a cube or private office in a corporate building?  Do you office from home in a space specifically dedicated to your professional endeavors?  Who are you with when you do your work?

In his book, The Little Book of Lykke, Happiness Research Institute founder and CEO, Meik Wiking, encourages use of the soft edges.  He defines soft edges as private spaces that are located close to public spaces.  Good examples in the home are porches, patios and gardens – people would not dare wander uninvited into your kitchen if that is where you are sitting, but if you are sitting on a bench in your front lawn, neighbors might just dare to engage you in conversation to ask about your day, the name of your dog, or about the book you are reading.  It’s a way to enjoy a little quiet time in your personal space while also being part of the community.

I believe there are soft edges in business spaces, too.  In some offices, you can certainly work from their designated desks, but often have options to sit in a break room, the cafeteria, shared gathering areas, or “hoteling” cubes.  When you do, it is clear that you are working, but you are also among the people where you may be perceived as more accessible and open to connecting with others.

For those of us who office from home, soft edges may include working from coffee shops, hotel lobbies, or co-working facilities where the same principle of community and connectedness prevail.

Where are your soft edges?  Go to them.  Be part of the community.  Happy Networking!

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