Both the Bible and Simon & Garfunkel taught me long ago that there is a time to every season.  This week, a dear friend had a baby – the sign of new beginnings.  But, also, quite sadly, several people (even a dog) with whom I was acquainted, passed away.  A time, indeed, for every purpose under Heaven.

With that, I attended a funeral on Thursday for the husband, (step)father, brother, uncle of many dear friends – he was a true prince of a guy, a mensch.  During his sermon, the rabbi officiating the funeral suggested to the attendees that they take a lesson from the fellow for whom they were mourning.  As he would have done, upon meeting someone new, each of us should receive him or her with enthusiasm.  Engage each new person that we come across with excitement about learning who they are, what experiences they have had, what information we can collaboratively exchange.

I really like that sentiment.  I was motivated to share it with all of you.  As you enter this new year, receive the people that you meet with enthusiasm – whether it is someone you have known for years or one who you have yet to get to know.  It’s a simple message and one that we should all resolve to embrace.  Happy New Year!

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