Networking Fatigue

Sometimes, my calendar takes over my life.  I feel like I am simply going through the motions of adhering to whatever the calendar tells me to do.  Go to this meeting, go to that meeting, give a presentation, pick up son, attend executive committee, prepare for board meeting, arrive at basketball practice… the list is endless.  It’s exhausting.  Does that happen to you?

Then, of course, we turn to networking.   Where, I wonder, does networking even fall into that mix?  If you were tired before, the very idea that now you have to make room in your fatigued schedule to send the invite, schedule the meeting, prepare for the meeting, show up for Coffee, entertain at Lunch, send a thank you… is simply too much to handle.

Get a grip!

When you have moments like that, when your calendar takes over your life, when you feel exhausted from your many responsibilities and when networking seems out of the question, go back to basics.  Take a deep breath.  Think of the reason(s) you are networking.  Are you a job seeker?  Are you trying to build your sales pipeline?  Are you trying to get plugged in to the goings on of your community?  Are you simply trying to make friends?  Whatever your reason, focus; get yourself recharged through a great networking interaction.

Just today, I was telling a friend that I want her to meet one of my networking contacts.  I said to her that she would really enjoy meeting this guy and I explained that the first time I met him, his positive demeanor, optimistic outlook and overall intelligence had an incredible impact on my own psyche.  I left that first meeting inspired, happier than when I walked in and excited to move forward on the topics that he and I discussed.  I relayed that I anticipated she would walk away having had a similar experience. 

I can name at least five other people just like him, who I have met through professional and networking interactions, whose standard, daily demeanor has such a profound impact on my own demeanor – in a GREAT way.  Who is that person for you?  Can you name just one?  Find him/her.  Invite him/her for Coffee or Lunch.  Get inspired.  Get recharged.

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