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Today, I am bursting with pride once again.  My son, Ian, was recognized in a school assembly for an essay he wrote.  He was one of a handful of students selected to read out loud the submissions they composed for a city-wide competition called, “Kindest Kansas Citian.” 

Ian’s kindest Kansas Citian is his well-deserving and long-time soccer coach, Hamid Massali – a wonderful, dedicated and, indeed, kind individual.

Beyond a typical proud mama bragging about her child, it’s my hope that as you read Ian’s essay you will recall my Principle of Generosity:  The more generous we are with our time, information and resources, the so much more comes back to us in return.

And, with that, please welcome my young apprentice and occasional guest blogger, Ian, who presents his essay, “My Kindest Kansas Citian…”


To me, Hamid Massali is my Kindest Kansas Citian because…

For the last three years, I have had the honor to play soccer under the coaching of Hamid Massali.  Coach Hamid is not just a great coach and soccer player himself, but he also cares for my teammates and me like we are his own children.  For example, every time I see him, he asks how I’m doing – whether we are at practice, getting ready for a game or just out and about.  He is very encouraging – always telling us how proud of us he is and how we can do anything we set our minds to.

Coach Hamid and Ian

This winter season, we had a really tough game – we even lost.  I felt really down, but Coach Hamid didn’t.  He was so excited!  Why?  Because he said it was the best we had ever played – ever!  He said we did a great job of talking to one another on the field, of supporting each other and of playing our best.  He was so proud of us.  He even called all of our parents aside and told them how happy he was and that they should all be so proud since our performance was outstanding even though we didn’t rack up the number of points we wanted.  I remember leaving the field house feeling like we’d won after all!

Another thing about Coach Hamid is that he has become very important to my family and me as a friend.  He and my dad get together for lunch from time to time and my parents always have a lot to talk with him about – yes, about soccer, but also about travel, family, museums, jobs and other topics.  I feel lucky to play for such a kind and encouraging coach.

For these reasons, Hamid Massali is my Kindest Kansas Citian.


So, indeed, I am a proud mama!  Thanks to Ian and thanks to Coach Hamid for illustrating for all of us how rewarding it can be to aspire to be one of the Kindest Citizens of the World!


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  1. Congratulations and what a great essay! I also won this essay contest when I was in school and am glad to see it is still running.

    It’s such a good topic to focus on and what a blessing for the coach to know how he has impacted your son’s life!

    Congratulations to you too on raising such a good writer and kind boy!

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