Altoids is a popular brand of breath mint.  Over the years, I’ve heard it told and often repeated that the success of Altoids is its “shareability” factor.  I don’t know how accurate my facts are, but I’m willing to bet money that there is some truth to the notion.  As it happens, the mints come in an attractive, vintage-style, durable aluminum tin lined with wax paper.  One must lift the delicate folds of the paper to reveal the mints beneath.  It’s a bit like sharing a secret or a very, very special… mint!  Personally, I don’t find them particularly tasty – indeed, they are quite curiously strong – but, when a friend offers me one from the darling little tin, I have trouble refusing.  Seems like it would be rude or that I wasn’t moved by the person’s generosity.

Isn’t it interesting how when we are invited in… invited to share in something special… we are drawn to the person who extended the invitation?  That’s how sharing works.  When somebody offers us something of seeming value – however costly or cost effective it might be to the gift giver – we are instantly attracted to them.

I remember when my family and I were in the Galapagos Islands in 2012.  As I’ve reported in the past, humans are rather scarce on the islands.  Santa Cruz Island is the exception.  There, for instance, sit many family farms where they grow things like sugar cane, fruit and coffee.  We had the chance to visit one such farm.  There, in addition to the sugar and coffee, the proprietor was also making moonshine!  Sensing our curiosity, he beckoned down to his kettle, gathered a set of glasses, poured a few generous helpings and handed them around to those of us who were interested.  The stuff was not for the faint of heart, but, boy-oh-boy did the group of us bond and have a few belly laughs over the makeshift oven and old fashioned approach to creating this craft whiskey from the islands!  It was a communal moment – when people from far flung places around the world were drawn together due to surroundings, circumstance and the generosity of the chef!

And, so there it is again, GENEROSITY.  If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times… the more generous one is with his/her time, information and resources, the so much more will come back to that individual.  And, note, it doesn’t have to be about food and drink to be shareable… it could be a great article (maybe this blog post, for example!), the link to a cool website, the name of an electrician, tips for traveling to a new destination.  Whatever the case, the point is that you are willing to share and that the item is valuable to the recipient.

But, let’s face it, I’m all about the food.  Today happens to be my 43rd birthday.  There must be cake around here somewhere… I’m willing to share… you willing to join me for a bite?  Let’s Connect!

2 thoughts to “Shareability”

  1. Hi Alana,

    I stumbled across your blog today about business cards and was intrigued, mainly because our names are so similar. I was flipping through some of your previous posts and came across this one regarding Altoids and had to read, because I always carry a can of them in my purse and often share them with clients and coworkers after lunch. I felt compelled to comment when I read above that you are 43 and your birthday is in April. I am also 43 and my birthday is in April and it just seemed like a funny coincidence! I meet so very few “Alana’s” and especially at my age. Happy belated birthday!

    Alana Mueller

    1. Alana, hello! I was so excited to receive your fun note. Amazing how many similarities we have. Happy belated bday to you, too! Next year, we should celebrate 44 together! Thanks for reaching out. Cheers! -Alana

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