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My buddy, Steve, is always quick with a smile or a compliment or a holiday greeting or a hello just when I need it.  I’m not the only one he treats this way – it’s just how he is all the time.  Joy seems to follow him around because he chooses to live his life basking in it.  Plus, as a bonus, at least weekly, he sends me a hysterical meme or video or joke based on some shared interest or current event that we have bonded over.

With that as the backdrop, you won’t be surprised to hear that he unknowingly brought a big grin to my face when I saw his recent Facebook post, “It’s a great day to make someone’s day.”  Indeed.

What a great idea!  The good news is that we can all jump on the bandwagon and participate in this practice.  In fact, is there someone who’s day you could make right now?  Are you at your favorite coffee joint as you read this?  Surprise the next person in line by paying for their drink – you could even do it anonymously.  Or, how about giving your mom or your grandmother a quick call to simply say, “Hi!  I was just thinking about you.”  Perhaps you could send a note to a colleague or someone you work with on a project to thank them for their commitment and hard work on the effort – be sure to include his/her manager so they also know what a great job their associate is doing.

And, I have a prediction:  By consciously working to make someone’s day, I anticipate that you will also make your own day!  The virtuous cycle of bringing happiness to others almost always has a wonderful residual effect as it brings happiness to ourselves.

So, thanks, Steve, for once again making my day.  I hope that, in some small way, I have made your day by telling you how frequently you make mine!

Did someone make your day?  Were you the one who made someone else’s?  Please take a moment to share your story at

2 thoughts to “Make Someone’s Day”

  1. I had the most fun walk back from a lunch meeting today. There were about 20 gourmet brownies left over and so I asked for a take-out box to bring them back to the office, a few block walk away. I passed a worker raking in front of the Salvation Army and thought “Give him one!” So I crossed the street and asked if it was almost break time. He didn’t make eye contact and said “Oh no, not for a couple hours yet.” But his face lit up as he graciously accepted a brownie! At an outdoor cafe I surprised a stranger who looked like an ISIS recruit (brownies could change the world, you know), a young couple, and 2 tough looking characters before arriving at my office and delivering the rest to the desks of my surprised and delighted coworkers, including several that I had never met. It was more than a little bit like Christmas and I don’t think I’ll ever leave desserts in a meeting room again. Thanks to Frank Keck who was the speaker at the meeting and part of the inspiration for this action. 🙂

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