Never Too Old

Building on my post from yesterday, “Networking Strategies for Different Career Phases,” Ann O. wrote and asked,

I’m thinking about the Seniors and Boomers who still work or who are “Seniorpreneurs.” I’m wondering if we are too old to network? What are the new rules for the older peeps?

STOP THE PRESSES?  Too old to network?  NEVER!

I find that the “more mature” among us actually have the best stories, the grandest vision, the most hope for the future, and a desire to share their knowledge with others.  Additionally, as professionals move to their next chapter and choose entrepreneurial paths, they have new options and, just like the rest of us, have a need to test their ideas with others, to bounce ideas off peers – of every age, to seek input and advice from those around them.  In fact, people tell me that their worldview expands following their early careers and that they appreciate the opportunity to take on full- or part-time work that they couldn’t have imagined earlier in their lives and that those opportunities present themselves through connections that they have made over the years.  At this stage of the game, to simply stay connected, networking may be more important – and, frankly, more fun – than ever!

Even if you’re done with professional life, you’re certainly not done with life.  There are plenty of clubs and organizations designed for young and old alike that encourage interaction through shared meals, card games, movie nights, excursions, etc.

In fact, I have been invited several times to present to one of my favorite groups in Kansas City – the ROMEOs.  Any idea what ROMEO stands for?  Retired Old Men Eating Out!  And, by the way, there are so many men who want to be part of this group, there is a waiting list.  These guys get together every week – yes, every week!  They have a programming committee that sources speakers, volunteers who organize the luncheons, others who greet people at the door, etc.  I’m not quite sure I add any value when I show up – these fellows are master networkers in their own right and could teach me a few new things!  They refuse to slow down and never let age stand in their way of connecting with one another, of expanding their horizons, or of trying new things.  And, they never stop laughing, asking questions, sharing their experiences.  I’m vying for my own spot in the ROMEO organization!

Are you a Seniorpreneur or a retiree who continues to network?  What has worked for you?  Where do you go to connect with others?  With whom are you connecting?  Please take a moment to comment about your experiences at

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