One Last Question for November 2018

At last!  We’ve arrived at November 30th.  Another NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is in the books.  Thank you, thank you for sticking with me.  Thus far, together, we have identified and answered 29 questions – one for each day of the month.  I want to express my deepest appreciation to everyone who contributed questions – both those who chose to be identified and those who did not.  Your ideas and input were invaluable, and you brought a richness to the topics of discussion that would have been otherwise lacking.  I – and the entire CLC Community – are indebted to you.

I want to close the month with one last question – and it’s one you must answer for yourself.  It is:

What do you plan to do to activate your network?

In order to truly be effective, successful relationship builders, we must each take responsibility and hold ourselves accountable for engaging others and ensuring meaningful, authentic connections.  So, I encourage you to:

  • Reach out. Go on, right now, send a friend or colleague a note – could be an email or text – and offer up a time, date and location to meet up for a cup ‘o Joe or a quick bite.
  • Be open. When others reach out to you, make sure you remain open to the connection.  No matter how busy you are, find a way to say, “Yes!  I’d love to connect,” even if that means a brief call, a walk around the block, or a referral to someone else who could be more helpful.
  • Express appreciation. When someone extends a kindness to you, be sure to respond with a heartfelt “Thank you.”  It’s a simple act that will be noticed and remembered.

OK, CLC Community, you know what to do!  Please take a moment to comment at about your plans to activate your network.  I’ll be back in December with my regular weekly commentary.  If you have topics you’d like to see covered, please send me a note.  In the meantime, Happy Networking!

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