D is for Drinks

How many times has someone stopped you and said, “Hey, let’s grab a cup of coffee?” or “Want to get together for a drink?”  What is your typical response?  I hope you generally respond with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Not thirsty?  Believe me, it’s not what you consume.  Doesn’t really matter what is in your cup.  Instead, it’s about carving out regular, dedicated time in your life to connect with others in a meaningful and enduring way.  So, be thirsty… thirsty to foster relationships!

My secret:  I don’t even drink coffee.  However, people “get it” when you say, “let’s grab coffee.”  They understand that your intent is to get together to engage in discussion.

So, be sure to accept those invitations to get together – and extend a few invitations of your own.  It’s how I built my business:

  • Time Slot #1:  Coffee in the morning.
  • Time Slot #2:  Lunch at midday.
  • Time Slot #3:  Coffee in the afternoon.

…and, if you’re really into it… Time Slot #4:  DRINKS!

Happy Networking!

[Oh! And, Happy, Happy 72nd Birthday to my wonderful, amazing, Daddy Max!  Truthfully, D is for Dad and the drinks are on me.]

One thought to “D is for Drinks”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. I think so much of what’s going on in the world has been so digitized that we truly do forget about what it takes to maintain solid and closeness. Thanks for this!

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