W is for Welcome

Do you want to know the easiest way to engage others?  Welcome them in!  When you send a message – verbal or non-verbal – to another person that says, “Hello!  I’m open to connecting with you,” it is a veritable welcome mat at the front door of your relationship base.  It shows the other person that they are valued and that you are eager to get to know them.

These messages come in many forms.  Check out a few of these:

  • Verbal Cues:
    • Introductions.  “Hello, my name is __________.  Tell me who you are…”
    • Greetings by Name.  Using the person’s name (and saying it correctly) communicates, “This relationship is important to me.”
    • Invitations.  “It’s great to meet you.  How about getting together for a cup of coffee to learn more about one another’s work?”
    • Offers of Assistance.  “How can I be helpful to you?”

  • Non-verbal Cues:
    • A Smile.  It’s amazing how a simple smile indicates a willingness to connect.
    • A Handshake.  A solid and firm, but non-bone-crushing, handshake says, “I’m delighted to see you!”
    • A Half-Step Back.  When you find yourself in a group talking at a reception and see someone approach, take a half-step back to make room for the newcomer to join the circle.

You hold the key to connecting with others – welcome them in with your friendly and engaging nature.

Happy Networking!

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