Don’t Miss the Opportunity

Barbara, the CEO of a service organization was participating in a group coaching session via Zoom when the facilitator asked a pointed question, “What scares you most about this time?”  The coach was referring to the global pandemic and its impact on the participants’ businesses.  Barbara sat up a little taller and unmuted herself to say, “I am terrified of missing the opportunity.”  The coach prompted her to go on.  Barbara added, “I just know that this time is creating new demands, new expectations, new chances to position our company for revenue generation, for growth and for something big.  I want to make sure we don’t let the moment pass us by.”  The others on the call nodded in agreement.

That’s the thing about trying times:  They pave the way for better times, for ways to do things differently, for (somewhat forced) generation of new ideas, for new opportunities to succeed.  In order to seize upon those moments, it is important to see beyond the downside, beyond the downturn, beyond the depression. 

Just as a forest fire destroys everything in its path, devastating the land it touches, what’s left breeds new life.  The ash, the seeds, the leftover soil becomes rich with nutrients, which regenerate and charge on!

Indeed, COVID-19 has left a lot of damage in its wake – it will likely leave more ruin still.  It has probably hurt you and those you care about both personally and professionally.  But consider this:  Set aside your fear and your concern and your grief and look at the bigger picture.  Look at the possible.  Articulate a vision for the future that includes something big.  Take advantage of this time as a moment of innovation, a moment of required creativity, a moment of opportunity for greatness.

Happy Networking!

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