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Over the years, I developed a little bit of a sweet tooth.  I (secretly) keep on hand a bag of delicious chocolate morsels called Dove Promises.  Inside each individually foil-wrapped treat is a message – kind of like a fortune cookie – and I love them.  Truth told, it’s unclear to me which I like better, the candy itself or the words of inspiration on the back of the wrapper.

Recently, inscribed on the underside of the casing was the following message, “Book the flight.”  Well, what was a girl to do?  Naturally, I booked the flight!  (Thanks, Bri M. from Michigan, to whom the message was attributed… she compelled me to do it.)

The truth is, now that my family and I have been vaccinated, now that the sun is once again shining on the plains, now that we are slowly returning to public life, the pent-up wanderlust we have has boiled over and we are ready to explore once again!  For us, that means travel.  We’re packing our bags and heading out for a little adventure.

What does it mean for you?  Have you been wanting to launch a company?  Change jobs?  Double-down on the position you currently have?  Ask someone new to meet for a cup of coffee?  Learn a new language?  Take a course at the local community college?  What words would need to be on the wrapper of your Dove Promise to get you to take action?  Close your eyes and imagine they are written there, then get to it!

5 thoughts to “Book the Flight”

  1. Yes and yes 🙂 As I said to someone I was having lunch with yesterday, for me I think this re-entry may be one hour or one day at a time…letting it unfold while remaining focused on what’s important and what I want to continue doing as we step foot in the future. As always thanks for your insights and encouragements Alana!

  2. I have been wanting to change jobs. In fact, I reached out to several friends for help and they did nothing. So I guess I need to eat more chocolate? Get more interested friends?

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