Are We Having Fun, Yet?

Oh, life is just so serious.  We’re working hard for our money.  We’re trying to address social woes.  We’ve got bills to pay.  The kids need entertaining.  It’s time to fix dinner… again.  Oh, and we’re still in the midst of the first pandemic in more than a century.  Indeed, life is just so serious.

Anybody up for a little fun?  We can certainly be serious and seriously address our obligations be they at home, at work, or in the community.  We can also infuse a little levity into all of those efforts. 

  • At work, why not coordinate with one or more co-workers to have lunch together – maybe everyone brings a lunch and you have a picnic on the lawn of your office building or at a nearby park. 

  • At home, every Sunday morning, gather the family ‘round the kitchen table and plan out your meal schedule for the next week… then make a grocery list together… then head to the store as a family, divide up the list and get shopping – you could even make it a scavenger hunt with very little effort. 

  • In the community, invite a friend or two to join you at a civic event for a cause or organization you all jointly believe in or simply wish to learn more about. 

  • Oh, and in terms of this pandemic… many, many organizations are offering incentives to people to get vaccinated.  For our family, Krispy Kreme was reason enough to schedule our injections… free doughnuts anyone?  There is also the incentive to travel abroad… and go to concerts… and live mask-free in the community.  Sounds like fun to me!

Sure, it’s important to stay focused, to stay determined, to keep your eye on the prize, and to be serious.  But, adding a little fun to the mix every now and then will make all that serious stuff a whole lot more enjoyable – especially when done with family, friends, colleagues and neighbors who you enjoy being with.

Happy Networking!

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