Book Launch Today!

Today’s the day!  I’m writing to share exciting news that today, we are launching our dynamic book: “Growth” in digital format.  Today only, August 2, 2022, you can get a copy of the eBook during our Best Seller Campaign for the special rate of just $1.99 USD.  Click on the link for your country (if your country is not listed, you can use the US link):

In my chapter, “Discover Your Purpose,” I will share my story of discovering my own personal mission statement, “To Connect, Inspire and Empower Community,” and offer tips to help you discover yours, too.  Enjoy as more than 40 women tell their inspiring stories of stepping into courage, leading from the heart, and personal evolution. I know you will be inspired, encouraged, and empowered to step more fully into your journey of Growth, too!

Within these pages, you’ll recognize three primary stepping-stones to Growth . . .

  • Awareness: Recognizing that Life (with a capital “L”) happens to everyone. Obstacles, struggles, speed-bumps—whatever we want to call them—will always show up when we least expect them.
  • Action: The only way out is through. When we focus on the next best possible step, moving through an obstacle seems to go more quickly. The sooner we take action, the quicker we experience positive changes and personal growth.
  • Liberation: To start living the life we want, we must first let go of the things we cannot control—pain, resentment, anger. Becoming our authentic self allows us to step fearlessly toward our goals and dreams.

Growth allows us to move beyond our personal comfort zone and become the truest version of our best selves. Each author, in this diverse group of women, exposes her vulnerability and what it is like to be faced with and overcome setbacks. Their strong sense of priorities, purpose, and passion becomes the roadmap to empower and inspire readers to gain their own sense of hope and direction.

Again, here are all the links to get your copy of the eBook for the special rate of just $1.99 during the first 24 hours of our launch:

Thank you for your support and I am honored to share this special book, launch, and day with you.

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