Light Sets the Tone

Happiness leads to success in every aspect of our lives – at home, at work, and in the community.  In Denmark, one of the happiest places on earth, it is said that the fastest way to create an atmosphere of happiness is with the right light.  A few examples:

  • Mood Lighting.  Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant when, near dusk, the lights suddenly dim and the atmosphere of the place gets a little cozier? 
  • Study/Work Lighting.  I recall as a high school student, my dad used to peak in on me during my studies to ensure that I was drenched in bright light so as to not hurt my eyes while entrenched in books. 
  • Zoom Lighting.  In this era of virtual meetings, it is critical for others to be able to see us during video calls.  I always recommend sitting in front of a window (make sure it is NOT at your back) for good natural light or have a ring light positioned so your face is well lit.

Indeed, lighting can set the tone in any room – at home, at the office, in a boardroom, in a classroom, at an event, in a restaurant… everywhere!  And, there are several ways to achieve the right light.

For the Danes, candles are their go-to source of light.  They call them “living lights” and, especially during the winter months, more than half of all Danes light candles on a daily basis.  If you want to create a soothing environment, light ‘em up!

Another means of shedding light on the subject is with lamps placed strategically to emit pools of warm light in whatever room they are used.  In fact, to really amplify happiness, Denmark residents combine both candles and lamps to create exactly the right setting.

So, shed a little light on the subject and set the tone for success.

Happy Networking!

P.S. – Speaking of my dad and candles, today is his big birthday!  There will be 75 candles on his cake tonight (plus one for luck, plus another to grow on).  Wishing the greatest father, the greatest celebration, yet!  Happy, Happy Birthday, Daddy Max!

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  1. Hi Alana. Candles and lamps aside, thank you bring so much light into the world. Light always overcomes darkness! Love these hygge inspired posts.

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