Presence: Be Here Now

I’m a big fan of technology.  That includes smartphones, laptops, tablets, earbuds, and all manner of cool devices and gadgets.  Like most people I know, I would feel lost without ready access to the internet, my photos, and my calendar.  The ability to quickly get to music, books, videos, and other media at any time is also a big bonus.  That said, nothing kills the mood more quickly than the imposition of technology on human interaction.

It is so important to ensure that whoever you are with at the moment knows that you are here with them.  Your presence is critical.  If you are buried in your phone, checking your texts, responding to email, you’re not really present.

So, what does it mean to be present?  It means you have carved out this time to be right here, right now.  It means that you are intentional in your interactions.  It means that you are paying attention, you are engaged, you are asking questions, you are experiencing this very moment.

So, what can you do to demonstrate your commitment to presence? 

  • Put away your technology for the moment.  Close your laptop, put away your phone.  If you are in a meeting that requires the use of these tools, come to agreement in advance with whomever you are with that you both will be using your devices and that you will be focused on the topic at hand.

  • Set a time limit.  We’re all busy and have limited time to spend with any one person or group.  That said, mention your parameters in advance.  Say, “please help me stay on time – I have to get going in the next 20 minutes.”  Then, for those 20 minutes, be fully engaged.

  • Remember, everything will be waiting for you.  No need to rob this moment of your presence – whatever else you have to do today will be waiting for you when you are done here.  So be part of the action right here, right now.  It will certainly help to inform everything else you do today – you’ll be glad you were here.

Being in the moment, fully present for 100% of the meeting will benefit the relationship, enhance the experience, and save you time in the long run.

Happy Networking!

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