Don’t Just Show Up

In my world, one recurring conversation of 2022 was about “quiet quitting.” That is, professionals complaining that others around them – managers, peers, direct reports, et al – were simply going about their business in an unenthusiastic, task-oriented, “I don’t really care about this” manner.  There seemed to be a general lack of interest, passion, commitment, or sense of responsibility. 

What if we all set a New Year’s Resolution to stop “mailing it in” in 2023?

Sure, some of the things we are obligated to do are perfunctory.  We routinely have to submit progress reports.  We are expected to turn in time cards.  We have to empty the wastebasket at the end of each day.

But, how about the other “stuff?”  What if we approached our work eager to dive in?  What if we gathered others around us to strategize and imagine and create with a sense of excitement and wonder?  That’s the place where I want to work!

To break the monotony and really dig in, consider these ideas:

  • Really show up.  This is about mindset.  Decide you are going all-in when it comes to your work.  Whether you are answering phones, managing inventory, or negotiating with a new client, bring your whole self, smile more, be fully present.  By communicating with your colleagues and fully immersing yourself in your organization, engaging with other employees, and being part of the company culture, your engagement level will increase, and you will be happier in your daily work.  Others will take notice.  They, in turn, will bring their whole selves, too.

  • Attend in person.  We’ve all gotten very, VERY comfortable with virtual meetings… perhaps a bit too comfy. Believe me, I’m a big fan of virtual and I think that it generates tons of efficiency, but it also has the unintended effect of making us a tad complacent… dare I say lazy! So, when possible, attend in person — be there with your colleagues. The face-to-face, in-person interaction is impossible to replace. And, if you must meet virtually, at the very least, turn on your camera — let people see your beautiful face!

  • Surround yourself with positive people.  If you like the people you work with, work won’t feel so much like work.  It will feel like friends coming together to share ideas, solve problems, and take on challenges together.  When you are around can-do, upbeat individuals, their positivity will be contagious.  Find them – it will be a pleasure to show up for work when they are in your corner.

  • Envision the future you want.  Whether you love your job or are ready to leave it, set a vision for your future.  What do you see?  How will you attain it?  By imagining the possible, you will be able to set goals today that will help to get you there.  That vision can help to motivate you to jump into your work today with both feet.

So… out with the old attitude, in with the new.  Happy New Year!  Happy Networking!

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