Workforce Series – Tip #2:  Plan for the Organization of the Future

Last week, we heard from Jesse Meschuk, career and human resources expert with Exequity, about the idea of reorganizing vs. restructuring our companies to address market uncertainty and related workforce challenges. As promised, Jesse is back this week with the second of his top five tips for leaders who seek to navigate the tricky environment companies find themselves in when it comes to matters of the economy, talent management, geo-political issues, and workplace culture. 

This week, Jesse encourages you to plan for the organization you will need, not the one you have now.

No surprise – when market forces change, companies must re-evaluate their business strategies, product plans, product market fit, marketing approaches, and more. With these strategic reviews, leaders should be integrating talent plans from the start, looking at the implications and anticipating the impact of these shifts on their workforce. To do so, consider these questions:

  • Do we have the capabilities today to deliver these new products or business plans? When will we need these capabilities?
  • Where are the main gaps?
  • What is our plan to close these gaps?
  • Do parts of our organization now have skills we don’t need? Can current staff be retrained for the areas we will grow? How will we do that and what will it cost? 
  • If not, how can we provide the right solution over time to reduce this portion of our workforce?
  • What does this mean for who we consider our talent peers, and as that shifts, how should we change our recruiting approach and recruiting structure?

By gaining clarity on these questions, you will be able to see the future more clearly and plan for the organization you will need for the duration. Next week, in part three of the Workforce Series, we’ll take a look at the concept of a measurement-oriented culture. Until then, happy staffing and Happy Networking!

Appreciation for today’s post goes to Jesse Meschuk, a career and human resources expert, and a Senior Advisor with Exequity.  Jesse has more than 20 years of consulting and human resources experience and has worked across a wide variety of industries including technology, entertainment, gaming, retail, hospitality, and sports. Jesse’s work has spanned across the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Read more about Jesse at

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