(Free) Subscription Drive

I admit it.  The idea for today’s post… I stole it.  It originated with Seth Godin, a marketing, general business, and entrepreneurial thought leader whom I have followed for years and years and years.  He is prolific – while it is a challenge for me to keep up with my blogging on a weekly basis, Seth delivers a thoughtful, well-considered piece at least once every day.  Sure, some of them hit home for me more than others, but, by and large, I derive incalculable value from his daily insights and regularly share them with others in my orbit.  If you haven’t read Seth, be sure to check out and subscribe to his blog at Seth’s Blog.

Recently, Seth hosted a “(Free) Subscription Drive.”  The point was to encourage readers to encourage readership.  That is, to subscribe to his blog.

Here’s what he said:  “Every four years, give or take, I make a big but cheap ask:  Consider subscribing to this blog. If you’re already a subscriber, please ask five colleagues or friends to subscribe.  It’s free.”

So, I’m asking.  I promise, your email is respected and is never shared, rented, sold, or spammed.

As Seth put it, over the years, thousands of people have subscribed to this blog, and that’s who I write it for. Thank you for being part of the CLC community.  It’s appreciated.

Happy Networking!

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