Thank You!

Happy Thanksgiving!  I hope that you took time today to reflect, to give thanks, to appreciate all that you have, to be among beloved family and friends.  We had a great family gathering this evening in our “new” old house – we spent the summer remodeling and are just now starting to get settled back in.  Given that we currently have no furniture downstairs, we took the opportunity to make a big family table in the living room out of folding tables that we normally keep in the garage.  There were 12 of us and it was wonderful to be together.  Plus, the food was delish!  Thank you, family… I am grateful to and for you all!

Over Coffee tonight… along with my brother Shawn’s famous pumpkin, pecan and banana toffee pies and Auntie Debby’s yummy pumpkin cake, I thought about what I wanted to share with you about appreciation as it pertains to networking.  Here’s what I came up with… I hope it resonates.

  1. I appreciate all of the networking moments that I have had the honor to experience over the past several years. 
  2. I am grateful for the opportunity to meet and get to know new people and to continue to build on existing relationships.
  3. Thank you to the group of more than 250 people who willingly met with, supported, cared for and encouraged me during my first foray into networking:  Bruce, Sonja, Tom, Talha, Lynn, Brad, Debby, Karen, Jerry , Veta, Chris, Willow, Nancy, Merrell, Lew, Pam, Paul, Brent, Cathy, Paul, Susan, Bob, Brian, Andrew, Robert, Meegan, Gary, Kevin, Kelly, Rosie, Sidney, Scott, Jan, Jane, Brian, Kelly, Evan, Lisa, Aggie, Karen, Tim, Pam, Adi, Mary, Marshall, Marcos, Bryan, Wes, Jim, Paul, Alan, Douglas, Michelle, Bettina, Corrine, Bo, Stephen, Scott, Lainie, Jonathan, Brian, Andy, Valerie, JoAnne, Teresa, Bernard, Howard, Jeffry, Dan, Karen, Mitch, Max, LaDonna, Eric, Bob, Mike, Sanjay, Jeff, Carol, Marc, Melissa, Missy, Steve, Susan, Daniel, Sylvana, Kelly, Tim, Melanie, Pat, Andy, Bush, Karen, Mike, Joe, Paul, Susan, Bridget, Sean, Ken, Lisa, Jennifer, Joyce, Colette, Bruce, Joan, Steve, Chris, Beth, Bev, Howard, Richard, Polly, Ellen, Andrew, Jo, Lisa, Jack, Pam, Melanie, David, Denise, Vicky, Patricia, Joyce, Lance, Bob, Richard, Deb, Joni, Beth, Michael, Kathryn, Lon, Gail, Celia, Marty, William, Reinhard, Lisa, Thomas, Ann, Leslie, Teresa, Danny, Ben, Patrick, Farrah, Aaron, Robin, Lesa, Lissa, Ed, Beth, Teresa, Eric, Shanny, Tiffany, Sue, Charlene, Max, Eric, Lydia, Max, Rachel, Shawn, Robin, Mike, Eileen, Hal, David, Roshann, Ippolita, Linda, Mike, Janice, Sam, Kirk, David, Brian, George, Joe, Paul, Laura, Bret, Steve, Connie, Vince, Brian, Wendy, Mike, Dana, Neal, Kelly, Dave, Pragnesh, Stephen, Bob, Mike, Scott, Caroline, Debbie, Anne, Maria, Todd, Phyllis, Mickey, Teresa, Ira, Patti, Ryan, Cyndi, Brinda, Laurie, Tom, Lisa, Robert, Judy, Tracy, Melanie, Sherry, Robert, Denise, Sam, Beth, Elisa, Melissa, Gail, Gary, Alex, Drew, Jan, Kristin, Brian, Susie, Brian, Ramin, Brett, Martha, Pat, Jeff, Kathy, Nancy, CJ, Ruth, Bill, Bob, Steve, Marty, Kay, Sam, Miggs, Ken, Steve, Kelly, Dianne, Sandy, Carl, Steve, Dan, and many, many others who’s time, interest, input and consideration I am truly grateful for. 
  4. Thank you to Marc and Ian… we are a tight threesome and their love and support make me feel grateful and blessed every day.
  5. And, thank YOU, my loyal blog reader.  The fact that you take the time to read my remarks – whether every day, or from time-to-time, I am so grateful for letting me have a few minutes of your valuable time.  Thanks for letting me in and for ensuring that when I write these posts I am not just talking to myself!

I hope that you had a meaningful, wonderful Thanksgiving holiday wherever you are in the world.  I appreciate you.

Tomorrow, when you return from your Black Friday extravaganza, get ready to dive into the blog post that I have been itching to share with you from the beginning… I will let you in on one of the great networking secrets of all time!  Until then, happy shopping!

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