Where Everybody Knows Your Name

I had a fun experience yesterday.  I went to Spin! Neapolitan Pizza on Main, my very favorite Lunch spot (went there the day before, too, but whose keeping track, right?).  Once there, I ran into five people who I knew – plus the two people who I was meeting with!  I was the most popular patron in the place!  OK, moment of truth… it turns out that I am related to all of the people who I ran into.  In fact, one of those individuals, my brother-in-law, asked, “So, does this mean that Poppi [my father-in-law] and I are going to make it into your blog this week?”  Well, Daniel, you gave me a fun idea for tonight’s blog, so thanks!

It is such a thrill to go to a restaurant, to go to a party, to go to a class, to go to, well, anywhere and be surrounded by people who know you – who respect you – who genuinely like you.  It’s especially fun if you know half of them… and don’t know, but hope to meet, the other half of them.  What an awesome networking opportunity!

What I’ve found is that to know and be known by others, one must avail him or herself of opportunities to meet people.  You must show up.  You must get involved.  Be among the community of which you want to be a part.  I encourage you to become this person.

Sure, you can do as I do… eat at the same great joint two or three times a week… they will start to ask you if you want the usual.  You can also join a committee.  You can attend a networking event hosted by your local chamber of commerce.  You can join a book club.  Whatever you do, get involved and you will find yourself right at home among friends! 

When we meet again, we’ll take a walk down Avenue Q.

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