Happy New Year!  I hope that you all had a wonderful, memorable, meaningful 2011 and are ready for an even better, more productive, more prosperous, more incredible 2012 during which all of your stars align!

Are you among the millions who, as January 1st approaches with each new year, resolves to…

…lose weight?

…start working out?

…read more books?

…stay up to speed on current events or the latest technologies?

…call a long lost friend?

…change jobs?

…engage in more volunteer work?

…host a party?


What are your New Year’s Resolutions as you enter 2012?  Sure, commit to those listed above and, I have another suggestion for you…  Get out there and network!

To be clear, there is no reason to ever wait until January 1st, but since it is upon us, I say, go for it!  Resolve to meet one or two or five new people each week with whom to build meaningful, productive, professional relationships.  Commit to inviting a contact for Coffee – someone who you haven’t really interacted with since last January.  Promise yourself – and follow through – that you are going to call your long-time mentor to schedule a long overdue Lunch by the end of the month.

Put your most professional foot forward and kick off 2012 in style.  It’s time.  Make 2012 your year!

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