Everywhere Man

Turtle FrontA few weeks ago, a huge box arrived.  Curious, I sliced through the packing tape, dug through the tissue paper and found an adorable plush turtle staring back at me!  It was a gift from a friend.  On his shell were stickers from destinations visited, near and far.  I pressed the cleverly concealed button on his back left hoof and he started singing his own rendition of the Johnny Cash classic, “I’ve Been Everywhere.”  Yes!  I busted out laughing and have been giggling about it ever since. Turtle Back

It seemed appropriate to share this cute gift with you as my family and I prepare to head out for our annual winter vacation.  As such, I recorded a video of my turtle doing his thing.  The song is one of our family’s favorites as we love traveling the world and always value the uninterrupted time together on our adventures; this year, we are off to the “wilds” of San Diego for some low-key fun in the sun!  The song also reminds me that we all have the ability to build strong, lasting Networks well beyond the confines of our own neighborhoods… we should, I believe, seek to build meaningful Connections, well, everywhere!

Whatever you’re doing this holiday season and wherever you will be, I hope it is meaningful and that you get to spend it with those in your Network who you most cherish.  Enjoy!

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  1. I like this blog but it very annoying to have to click on “older posts” all the time. A list of 4 blog posts on each page is way to little. Show me 20 blog posts on each page. Then I can scroll myself in an easy way.

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