Entro: A Digital Tool for Making Introductions

entro logoIn my business, introductions are paramount to success.  Without them, of course, networking struggles to happen.  And, yet, for so many professionals, seamlessly making introductions seems to be a sticking point.  People don’t know what to say, they don’t have the time, they find it a challenge to engage in a very simply activity:  Connecting two people to one another.

In Coffee Lunch Coffee:  A Practical Field Guide for Master Networking, I suggested the following structure for making a mutual introduction:

“Lauren – Meet Alex.  Alex – Meet Lauren.”  From there, I provide two or three sentences about each of Lauren and Alex to give each some understanding for who the other person is, what they do and a high level reason for why I think they should meet.  I also share phone numbers and email addresses.  I close with, “I will leave it to the two of you to connect.”

Even that may be more than the average networker feels prepared to do.

Can you relate?  Well, I have a tool for you!  It’s a simple Google Chrome plug-in called Entro and it makes making introductions a breeze!

Here’s the deal:  The company describes the purpose of the service as “Introductions.  Reimagined.” and automates personalized double opt-in introductions (i.e., the introducer may choose to get permission from one or both parties before making the introduction).  Essentially, the plug-in pulls from the introducer’s contacts for email information, when available, and keeps a record of introductions, responses and follow-up actions.  I like it because it takes what I believe to be a best practice of making mutual introductions and simplifies it making it easy, time-efficient and effective in one fell swoop.

Seth Gold, the CEO of Entro, explained to me that the company operates a “freemium” business model, allowing users to give the tool a try before they are required to buy.  New users get their first five Entros at no charge; numbers six and beyond are included in their monthly package.

Setting aside the tactical details, it’s important to understand the benefit to making and tracking introductions.  In Seth’s words, he said he created the company because he wanted to “give more introductions, help people out, and compete as a team.”  He tells the story making an important introduction for a friend – after the connection had been made, the friend couldn’t stop thanking him, indicated it was one of the best introductions he’d ever received and resulted in a great feeling for Seth.

Bottomline:  When you make introductions, you help people, and by doing so, help yourself.

According to Entro, its product is perfect for CEOs, community builders, salespeople, marketers, realtors, recruiters, and anyone looking to increase the strength of and expand their surrounding network of contacts.

And, Entro has come up with a great price point — just $6 per month for unlimited use of its tool!  I signed up and have been using it quite frequently, am enjoying it and recommend that serious networkers give the tool a try.

P.S. – By the way, no, this was not a paid endorsement!

P.P.S. – Interested in seeing how Entro works?  The company created this quick video to explain exactly how to use its service.  Take a peek!

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