Tradition! Another Great NaNoWriMo in the Books

Wow!  Wherever did November go?  For those who have been witnessing the daily progression, you know that posted a new blog every day in keeping with National Novel Writing Month (“NaNoWriMo”) – a CLC tradition since 2011.

This year, we heard from 23 guest writers and instigators who approached Networking through a multitude of different lenses, perspectives, voices, experiences, ideas and the like.  They made my life easy this year and, as I said on day 1, we are all better for having learned from such a diverse set of experts and Master Networkers.

Sending my heartfelt appreciation to the following contributors and the inspirational people behind posts that I wrote myself.  If you missed any of these great articles, be sure to go back and look through the links associated with the pieces:

THANK YOU also to YOU, the CLC Community, without whom there would be no reason to write nor any meaning to the work I have the privilege to do every day.  I am so grateful to you all.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season!  CLC will return next week on its regular weekly schedule.  Happy NaNoWriMo!  Happy Networking!

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