Conversation Hearts

Candy heartsIt’s Valentine’s Day!  Today is a day for love and friendship and connections and relationship building.  So, whether you have a particular Valentine in mind or secret affection for someone special or simply want to better your engagement with others, I have an assignment for you today.

Go out… get yourself some of those inexpensive, slightly addictive, chalky candies known as conversation hearts – eat ‘em or not, that’s up to you.  My assignment to you is to focus on the messages contained on the individual hearts.  OK, you may choose to abandon one or two (for example, you have my permission to ignore “HOT LIPS” and “OOH LA LA”).  However, use some of the others for their intended purpose:  As conversation starters!

  • Someone you’ve been wanting to meet, but simply haven’t?  Maybe “YOU ROCK” is the way to go.
  • A colleague who does great work and you want to let ‘em know?  A “THANK YOU” will do.
  • Want to reconnect with a young person in your life?  Offer up a “TEXT ME” and you might even get a smile or two in return!

For you, dear CLC loyalist, I offer a few conversation hearts from me to you on this day of “LOVE…”




Happy Valentine’s Day! “SWAK”

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