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I’m excited to introduce you to the super cool Brian Hammer.  Not only is Brian a sales pro and marketing genius, but he is also my brother-in-law, amazing storyteller and confidante in everything from career advice to new (and old) music to photography and more.

Brian is vice president of sales at TCC Global, a leading retail marketing company focused on delivering sustainable sales growth and improved shopper loyalty.  He is also an adviser for FORK, an agency specializing in digital transformation and alternative marketing strategy.  Brian has more than 25 years of marketing experience working for some of the greatest brands in the world.

Join me in welcoming my brother, Brian Hammer, to CLC!


Instant Karma” by John Lennon.  Guest Post by Brian Hammer.

When it comes to songs that speak to networking, I considered many, from Blondie’s Call Me to Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me.  And oh so many more speak of connecting, Come Dancing, Let’s Spend the Night Together, Two Tickets to Paradise, Come Sail Away, and of course…. Rikki Don’t Lose That Number. There are countless others as you know.

As with Shakespeare and almost all fine literature, love conquers all, although not exactly networking in a professional sense.  So, what is it that captures and defines the essence of networking?  Why is it we should seek to connect with others?

I almost landed on an old favorite, a love story by Led Zeppelin about a guy going to look for his girl, which he cannot find.  I love the way Ramble On illustrates how a man must be “on his way.”  Thankful for his pleasant stay, he is in search of more, and with networking we are always seeking to expand our number of connections. The very essence of networking is as Bob Dylan suggests, to keep on keepin on.  Who can I help, who do I know that can help you?  And like Robert Plant, now I am on my way.

Nothing however, truly captures the spirit of networking like John Lennon’s Instant Karma.  It inspires. It calls for truth.  It empowers. While not specifically about connecting with people, the song reminds us to get our acts together, pretty soon we are going to be dead.

Connecting with others does not rest solely in actions; reaching out, emailing, and attending conferences. It begins with a mindset. It is within us.  It is a part of our being.  We are moved by our attitudes and views of the world, to which Lennon sings, “who on earth do you think you are?  A superstar?  Well, right you are!”

And we all shine on.  But trust me on this.

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