Start Me Up! NaNoWriMo #7

Welcome to another Coffee Lunch Coffee November!  As you may know, while you can expect a Coffee Lunch Coffee blog post about once a week during the year, by tradition, during November, you can expect one EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.
Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month.

The quick history… in 2011, I set out to loosely participate in National Novel Writing Month (aka, “NaNoWriMo”) to document my approach to professional Networking.  I had intended to blog for just 30 days and never write again!  Well, by my calendar, it’s 2017 and I’m still blogging… and Coffee Lunch Coffee is an international movement.  And, to add to the fun, as of 2014, I invite members of the CLC Community to weigh in with their voices and opinions and experiences and ideas about Networking, too, through a series of guest posts intermingled with my own.

Some of you will remember, I put out a call for guest submissions about a month ago.  The parameters were simple, but specific:  Anyone could submit a guest post; the post had to be between 250-500 words and, new for 2017, each post had to be tied back to a song.  Wow!  The CLC Community certainly delivered!

I intended to take up to 15 guest posts.  Well, with very few exceptions, the posts were just too good to turn away.  The music was eclectic – a wonderful mix of pop, country, spiritual, showtunes, classic rock (my favorite) and beyond.  What I love about the posts is that they are full of life and unique takes on networking concepts that only a vibrant community could deliver.  The music lends an extra dose of energy to an already exciting topic that is essential to all of our being:  Meaningful, productive relationship building.

So, START ME UP and join me to GET THIS PARTY STARTED!  Welcome to the beginning of the seventh season of Coffee Lunch Coffee.  The fact that you are here is music to my ears.  Happy Networking!

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