3 is for Coffee Lunch Coffee

After more than a decade of networking intentionally and “joking around” about “Coffee Lunch Coffee,” I still get questions about the volume of coffee I consume!  My secret, of course, is that I don’t drink coffee… networking is not about the food and beverages that you consume (although, that’s a fun part of the mix).  Rather, it’s about structuring your days around the days of the kinds of people you want to connect with. 

For me, I structure my days around three distinct meeting times:  1) Morning, 2) Midday, and 3) Afternoon.  I call that Coffee (morning), Lunch (midday), Coffee (afternoon).  For you, it may not be Coffee Lunch Coffee… perhaps it is bagels burgers beer!  Whatever your approach, be sure to be mindful about connecting with others in a regular, dedicated manner.

By the way, I think this is a perfect time of year to add a fourth timeslot to the mix… Coffee Lunch Coffee Drinks!  During the holiday season, people seem much more inclined to leave the office around 4:30pm for a “glass of holiday cheer.”  I don’t care what’s in your glass… fill it with club soda and get out there to connect with others in a meaningful way. Be open to networking now and at all times throughout the year.

And, with that…

Whoa!  Hard to believe that today is actually November 30th and that we have reached the conclusion of NaNoWriMo, the 2019 edition.  Nine years of blogging is officially in the books!  Thank you for sticking with me through the ABCs and 123s of Networking.  I hope that you have found some nuggets of inspiration along the way and welcome your feedback. Please take a moment to comment at CoffeeLunchCoffee.com.  I’m so grateful to you for your support and involvement in the CLC Community.

Happy Networking!

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