P is for Pursue

While traveling for business last week, I ran into a friend. I don’t know her well, but, boy do I like her. She has an inner spirit and energy that really radiates. 

She disclosed to me that, as much as she loves her job (she’s been with her company for nearly three decades!), she has a dream she’s been itching to PURSUE.  I think she’s going to go do it!

My friend shared that while she has a significant amount of trepidation and fear, a little voice is telling her she has to give this other thing a try. Go for it!

When you have a vision for what you want, i suggest you do this – just as my pal is doing:

  1. Close your eyes. Get a clear image of your vision. 
  2. Write it down. Evidence suggests that you’re more likely to take do something if you’ve committed it to paper. 
  3. Enlist your network. Tell your family, friends, mentors, champions, investors, et al, what you have in mind. Ask them for their input, feedback and ideas so you can refine your plan. 
  4. Make a plan. Figure out what you need in order to realize your vision.
  5. Pursue. Pursue. PURSUE! Go for it. 

Happy Networking!

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