U is for Undeterred

Feeling down about networking?  They don’t call it net-WORK-ing for nothing.  This is truly hard work.  And, of course, it is not for the faint of heart, especially in those moments when one might be wondering, “what is the point of all of this anyway?”  Sometimes it may feel fruitless, exhausting and uninteresting.

Whatever the circumstances are, good or bad, I implore you to be undeterred, unphased and unwavering in your attitude and approach toward networking.  Whatever your purpose in networking – whether to advance a career, get involved in the community, drive sales, or simply make friends – I guarantee that it will pay dividends in the end.

Personally, I have been networking in earnest for the past 11+ years.  I’ve literally met and interacted with thousands of people.  Have there been some duds?  You bet.  Do I sometimes feel worn down from the process?  Occasionally.  However, I can count on one hand the poor experiences I’ve had, and whenever things seem hopeless, irritating, ineffective or unengaging, I need only to proceed to my next networking interaction to get the energy boost I need to keep going.

So, steady yourself and get focused.  Do this right now:

  1. Take out a piece of paper and a pen.
  2. Write down the names of one to three people you already know who you would like to reconnect with.  They should be people who are positive, energy-giving individuals who you anticipate will help to pep you up just by you hanging around them.
  3. Reach out.  See if they can get together for coffee or take a call from you in the next week or so.

Be undeterred.  Pushing through the clutter of the process will help you to advance your goals and be happier in business and in life.

Happy Networking!

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