T is for Thanks

In this month of gratitude, it’s no wonder today’s topic is all about giving thanks.  Appreciation is particularly important when it comes to networking because often the gift that others give is that very precious and scarce resource they have:  time.  And, this one ought to be easy as one of the earliest lessons most of us received in life is from our parents when they told us to always say, “Thank You!”

Whether people share their time, information and/or resources, please extend your gratitude to them.  Here are some ways to do so:

  1. Send a Thank You Note.  By far, the handwritten thank you note is my favorite way to express my appreciation.  When your recipient sees that they have mail, their heart will beat a little faster, they will feel a little bit better, you will be building social capital that money can’t buy.  And, here’s what it will cost you:  The price of the pen, the price of the note card/envelop, the price of a stamp, and two minutes of your time.  Not free, but not pricey either.  On the receiving end, the value is PRICELESS.

  2. Send a Gift.  No, no, no… not (necessarily) a beautifully wrapped gift (those are good, too, but unnecessary).  The kind of gift I suggest you send is, in fact, in-kind.  It could be a referral/introduction to another connection, a link to an article, a book, the name of a great new restaurant, a research report, et al.  The possibilities are endless.  It will show your recipient that you appreciate him/her, that you care about your relationship, that you were listening to his/her needs, and that you, too, can bring value to your interactions.

  3. Maintain the Connection.  Networking is all about cultivating a relationship over time.  It should never be one-and-done.  Show your contact that you mean business when it comes to building trust with them.  Stay connected.  Suggest getting together from time-to-time.  Offer to serve as a resource for them.

From me to you:  THANK YOU for being part of the CLC Community.  Your presence here means so much to me.

Happy Networking!

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