Y is for You

What is the most important factor in networking?  Who is your most important connection?  You are!

If you are going to bother with networking, if you are going to put in the time and to make the effort, bring your whole self to the table.

First, decide that you are a great networker.  This is about confidence and knowing that you have value to add.  Be the type of connection for others that you would want from others.

Next, reach out.  Be a convener.  Bring people together.

Once you’re on the scene, be fully present.  Show those around you that you are there to be of assistance, to listen, to learn, and to engage.

After you’ve met, follow up.  Demonstrate your amazing capacity for follow through, for saying “thanks,” for keeping in touch.

And, when all is said and done, save a little bit of you just for yourself.  Whatever you do to unwind – exercise, meditate, read a book, write, watch a movie – be sure to find time to recharge so that you can show ‘em who you are again tomorrow.

Happy Networking!

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