Z is for Zone

I find that when there is a task at hand, especially when the stakes are high or there are deadlines looming, I perform at my best when I get focused and get into the “zone.” 

For me, it helps to have a goal and a vision for what the end game looks like.  Tactically, I make my to-do list, think through the steps I need to take, and take action!

Networking, like anything, is one of those things that requires focus and dedicated attention.  When you are motivated to build a solid relationship base, you must get into the networking zone.  To do so, know who you want to reach out to, why you hope to establish a connection, and what you will do to cultivate the relationship.  By setting your sights on enduring, mutually beneficial, long-term associations, you are setting up your interactions for success.

So, get your game face on; carve out regular, dedicated time to connect with others; outline your action steps – in writing and/or in your head; and seize the day!  Get in the zone – the networking zone!

Happy Networking!

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