Connection Clarity: Networking in a Time of Crisis

Today, I had the wonderful opportunity to collaborate to record an educational conversation with my long-time pal, Steve Woodruff.  Steve is the “King of Clarity” and author of Clarity Wins.  His firm, Clarity Fuel, works with business owners and executives who are not being heard by their best prospects.  He helps his clients to cut through the noise so their message is heard, clarify their message so people know how the company can help, and spur buying action through clear, direct calls-to-action.  King of Clarity, indeed!

The theme of our conversation today was “Networking in a Time of Crisis” during which we discussed ways that people and organizations can remain relevant and productive by pivoting and adapting to this new reality.  We both acknowledged that we, too, are learning as we go.  It’s much more fun to learn together and to jointly discover ways to rethink the way we do business. 

You can listen in on our conversation by clicking on this link.

Note:  During the conversation, both Steve and I offered up some special coaching programs that we are making available at reduced rates while we are all sequestered.  In fact, Steve is making a whole series of videos and other resources available – you should take a look by visiting his page, “Gaining Clarity in the Fog of (coronavirus) Fear.”  As for me, I will be making my Coffee Lunch Coffee Networking Coaching package available virtually and for 25% off of standard pricing.  Check it out!

Hope you are doing well while “sheltering at home.”  Please let me know how I can be helpful to you during this challenging time.  Wishing you ongoing safety and health.

Happy Networking!

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