RBG: A Woman to Emulate

In networking and in life, it is important to connect with people you admire – people who you seek to emulate.  Throughout my life, I have been the fortunate recipient of love and encouragement, championship and support, protection and trust from a host of mentors, advisors, advocates and protectors.  In each of these incredible people – a combination of family, friends, and friends who have become family – I have been the lucky beneficiary of wisdom and guidance for the ways to live my life, to build my career, to proceed with strength and determination.  I seek to emulate them all.

There have been others.  People, especially strong women, who have intrigued me, whom I have admired from afar with a desire to emulate.  The inimitable Ruth Bader Ginsburg chief among them.  Wow!  What a lady. 

Fierce.  Brilliant.  Confident.  Determined.  Unflappable.  Articulate.  Well-read.  Focused.  Strong.  Capable.  Courageous.  A bare-knuckled bruiser in a petite 5’1” frame.  She was the one anyone would want in their corner. 

The second female Supreme Court Justice in history.  She fought for women’s rights.  She fought for what she believed to be right.  The enormity of her impact on society is immeasurable. 

At her recent loss, I feel a deep sense of grief – I’m devastated.  It’s as if I lost a great friend – a mentor, advisor, advocate, protector.  Though I did not know her personally, I felt a great sense of connection to this little lady – I will miss her.  I feel grateful to her.  I believe her legacy will endure.  We are all better off for her incredible presence.

RBG was a woman of valor – a woman who demonstrated great courage in the face of danger.  I hope to always emulate her.  RIP RBG.

2 thoughts to “RBG: A Woman to Emulate”

  1. Alana – thank you for beautifully articulating what I and so many are feeling this morning after RBG’s untimely passing yesterday. I am thankful for you my friend, mentor, advisor, advocate and protector. You are carrying on Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy!!

    1. Aw, Kelly… now you’ve got me crying! Thank YOU, my friend… likewise and back at ya! Grateful for strong, incredible women like you in my life — a woman to emulate.

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