The Great Outdoors

Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year.  The air is crisp… the leaves take on a variety of rich hues… and there are plenty of activities just begging to be enjoyed.  Why not do so while connecting with friends and colleagues in a networking capacity?  And, while social distancing and fresh air circulation is still en vogue, we should all take advantage of opportunities to explore the great outdoors.  Here are a few of my favorites…

  1. Go apple or pumpkin picking.  In many communities, there is a wealth of family farms that will welcome you and your companions to bring in the harvest.  This is a wonderful activity to do with other families or as a work team.

  2. Take a walk.  Instead of meeting for coffee or for lunch, change things up by taking in some networking during a 20-minute power walk.  Bring along your sneakers and find a nearby park or corporate lake to get in your steps over a conversation. 

  3. Play pickleball.  Recently, my friend, Michelle, invited me to play pickleball on Sundays with a group of professional women in her network.  I’m no expert or world class athlete, but I have to admit, this relatively new sport has taken many communities by storm!  It’s such fun to connect with other professionals and, irrespective of skill level, we are enjoying one another’s company, encouraging physical activity, and focusing on wellness vs. match wins.

  4. Participate in a local 5K or the Corporate Challenge.  Keeping with the exercise theme, consider getting a team together to participate in a walk/run for charity or signing up for the Corporate Challenge in your area.  It’ll be fun to team up with your colleagues and the effort is typically for a good cause.  Win-Win.

  5. Gather ‘round a campfire.  Do you have an outdoor firepit in your backyard or a portable version for your driveway?  Is there a local park that allows open campfires?  Invite a group of friends or colleagues to join you – you bring the marshmallows and some tunes, have them each bring a lawn chair and their favorite beverage.  Enjoy the stargazing!

Happy Networking!

One thought to “The Great Outdoors”

  1. These are all interesting ideas – thanks, Alana! I’ve been thinking of other ways to network with others without having to get coffee or lunch and these are great.

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