Ask for Help

Whether it is ego-driven or stubbornness or the sheer blindness to the need, too frequently, we fail to ask for help when we need it.  We take on a go-it-alone approach or say, “I got this,” not recognizing that outside championship, encouragement, expertise and support might help us to accelerate our success. 

In truth, when we acknowledge that we would benefit from input from others, our chances of accomplishing our goals increases dramatically.  When we create a support system around us, we find ourselves amidst an army of personal champions who are not only willing to give of their time, talent and treasure, they expect to do so.

Take these ideas into consideration:

  • Identify one or more mentors.  Do you have someone – or a collection of someones – in your life who have had a significant impact on you?  Do you admire their approach to business or to life?  No need to be formal about it, but do recognize for yourself who these individuals are who you can turn to for supportive, unfiltered advice.
  • Buddy up.  Sometimes it helps to confide your triumphs and challenges with a trusted friend or colleague.  Once you identify “your person,” ask if they would be interested in exchanging peer feedback.  Work together to ensure you both soar!
  • Establish a personal “board of directors.”  From time to time – perhaps when you have a big decision to make, are starting a new venture, need to work through a challenge, it can help to get a group together around a table (virtual or physical) to think it through.  Have your personal board of directors at the ready – in your mind, if not in reality.  Call them together when you need their input.  It’s amazing what having several minds (vs. just one) working on a project can accomplish in short order.

Select your tribe.  Ask them for advice, guidance, support and help.

Happy Networking!

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