Do you ever feel stuck?  You have an idea that you want to advance, but not clear how to do so?  Are you working through a challenge that seemingly has no solution?  Do you have an important decision to make, but feel you are at an impasse in your own mind as to which direction to go?  One way to potentially get un-stuck is to ask yourself, “what would others do?” or WWOD?

Creative Think’s Roger von Oech encourages us to think about the people in our relationship base who we respect and imagine that one of these individuals is responsible for addressing the issue you are tasked with.  It could be a colleague, a mentor, a friend, a leader in their field, a parent, a professor… anyone who you admire for their achievement.  Now, ask yourself these questions:

  • What would that individual do?
  • How would they approach it?
  • What innovative solutions would they come up with?

The importance here is to step outside of your own way of doing things.  Try modeling the approach of those you admire.  By internalizing their methods, considering their varying perspectives and thinking about how they draw conclusions that they do, you will be able to see more clearly to devising a solution to your challenge that you will be proud of.

Happy Networking! 

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