Chart Your Course

I’m a planner.  Professionally, I work with dozens of corporations, universities and non-profit organizations on outlining their strategic plans.  Together, we document their strategic imperatives, objectives, measurable goals, and tactics.  On a personal note, my vacation itineraries are legendary!  If you need a good plan for Portugal, Italy, Spain or Napa Valley, I’m your gal!  You can count on me to have mapped out my plans.

Now, here’s the deal:  I really do try to not over plan.  It’s important to have some flexibility in the schedule, to be able to roll with changes – required or desired – as they come.  But, from my perspective, it is useful to chart a course so that I am able to meet my goals.

This is true not just in strategic or travel planning.  It is true with everything – and, not surprisingly, that includes networking, entrepreneurship, negotiations, and maybe even less heady stuff like cooking a meal. 

To think through how to map out plans, I turned to creative genius, Roger von Oech, who encourages us to ask ourselves seven key questions in order get from “here” to “there,” namely:

  1. What is your objective?
  2. What are you trying to accomplish?
  3. Can you state it in a single sentence or two?
  4. Can you draw a picture of it?
  5. Can you make a map of where you need to go and the things you’ll need to do?
  6. What planning do you need to do?
  7. Can you visualize yourself reaching your objective?

What’s your plan?  Happy Networking!

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