Look Elsewhere

Do you sometimes feel like you’re just barking up the same tree?  Have you seemingly expended all of the resources you have?  Are you feeling a little itchy about asking the same old crowd for the same old ideas, support, encouragement, … whatever?  Perhaps you need to look somewhere else.

When it comes to forging new ground, it is important to think entrepreneurially.  This holds true for building and maintaining your relationship base.  By way of example, if you only know Sally and Pete… and Sally and Pete know you and one another… you have created a closed network.  While you may be able to be helpful to one another on certain topics, there is only so much you can do for one another.  It’s like tapping out a vein after too much use.  Instead, consider yourself a prospector of gold. 

Do this:  Identify a new place to develop relationships.  Maybe take a class at your local community college, attend a wine tasting, change your routine so you can meet new friends – in so doing you will connect with new people who share some of your same interests.  You might get to know Rita and George… you could even introduce them to your colleagues, Sally and Pete.  You’ve just created a farther-reaching network that ultimately benefits all of you. 

By venturing down a new path, you are more likely to discover new and untapped resources.  And, by being intentional about your search, you will improve your chances of identifying golden nuggets that are just waiting for you to find them.

With that, where else do you plan to look for new contacts, new opportunities, and new ideas?  Look somewhere else and gems await.

Happy Networking!

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