Solve the Right Problem

What problem are you trying to solve?  Are you wondering why you can’t get a job?  Maybe you want to know why so-and-so won’t return your calls?  Are you addressing the right question?

Creative thinker, Roger von Oech, recalls this great story about the famous band leader, Count Basie.  Frustrated that the piano at a particular nightclub was always out of tune, Count Basie left saying to the club owner on his way out, “I’m not coming back until it’s fixed.”  Weeks later, the club owner call to say everything was alright.  Upon his return, Count Basie became infuriated when he discovered the piano was still out of tune.  He shouted, “I thought you fixed this!”  The owner replied, “I did!  Can’t you see it’s been painted?  There’s not a scratch on it.”  Clearly, the wrong problem was being solved.

In your case, it could be that the company’s budget has been cut… maybe the job is no longer available…  perhaps the organization’s policy is to hire from within… might it be that you and the position are not the right fit for one another?  If you are still wondering why your calls aren’t being returned, could it be that your contact never got the message… is he/she going through a personal crisis… might it be that they simply failed to return your call?  Are you solving the right problem?

Instead of wondering why you can’t get a job or why your call isn’t being returned, try solving for how you can be of the greatest value or asking your contact what is their biggest challenge or is this a good time to connect…?  Maybe you haven’t been pursuing the right people or addressing the right questions.  Rethink your approach.

Happy Networking!

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