You Gotta Fight

Dukes up!  Do you have an idea that you are trying to build out and bring to fruition?  Do you believe in it?  Then you must go to battle for it!  This is not about fighting for the sake of fighting.  We’re not talking about a barroom brawl or back-alley bruising.  This is about standing up for what you believe in… it’s about innovation… it’s about determination and the creation and pursuit of opportunities.

Creativity guru, Roger von Oech, points out that much of the world has its defense up to keep out new ideas.  He says, “you need to become a warrior and do what’s necessary to make your idea a reality.”  Sometimes we must push our way past obstacles (and haters) we encounter in order to realize our vision.

There are many products we take for granted today that were initially ridiculed or viewed with skepticism including the automobile, the light bulb, the smart phone… I, for one, am so glad that their inventors thought enough of them to duke it out for them!  At the very least, the founders’ persistence has made our lives more productive.

So, good knight, what are you willing to do to bring your idea to fruition?  Fight for it.

Happy Networking!

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