Maybe You Are

I have always maintained that I am not a writer.  I once commented about this to my brother-in-law, Daniel, who wisely responded, “you didn’t think you were a writer, but it turns out you are.”  He was right.  I’ve been blogging now for more than a decade and have published several books.  I guess I am a writer.

I have always maintained that I am not a runner.  In fact, when I so much as think about running as an exercise option, I feel exhausted, my legs suddenly hurt and I’m short of breath.  With that in mind, I find it more than a little humorous that I frequently run charity 5K races around the country.  Though my running resembles more of a joggy-shuffle (and, in one case, I came in dead last), I always feel proud for having finished the courses still standing and having gotten relatively decent times for me.  I guess I am a runner.

What designations have been ascribed to you that you have instinctively cast aside?  Are you a gourmet chef after all?  Perhaps an artist?  Maybe you are the most innovative person in your town.  Even if you don’t perceive yourself as having some mad set of skills, do others?  Or, do you want to be known for having that expertise?

This is not about faking it ‘til you make it.  What it is about is having the confidence to try something.  The willingness to fail… and then to get back up again.  It’s about honing your skills until you feel good about the undertaking, and, then, making it yours.

Maybe you are an expert after all.

Happy Networking!

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