An Attitude of Gratitude: Goodness is There

Times are tough.  Money is tight.  The once plentiful job market has turned the corner and few opportunities are presenting themselves.  Your car needs a tune up.  You and your neighbor aren’t getting along.  A project deadline was just moved up and you were already behind.  You’ve got bills to pay.  You stubbed your toe on the foot of the couch.  Oh, and your dog just dragged in an expired mouse to give you as a “gift.”  Arrgh! 

It all sounds pretty bad. 

I wonder though, is it possible to recognize the goodness that is there, too?  For example, you and your family have their health.  Your dog is a loyal and loving companion who always expresses unconditional love.  The work you did to land a major client was outstanding, and your manager just thanked you publicly for your effort.  Goodness is there, too.

Today, take some time to identify the goodness in your life.  Allow yourself to experience gratitude and to identify what you are grateful for and to whom.  By opening yourself up to the possibility that the good is there, too, you will discover untold the blessings in your life.  Don’t just think it… do something about it.  Consider these action steps:

  1. Schedule a daily moment of gratitude.  Each morning, start your day with five minutes in meditation thinking of something that brings you joy and for which you are thankful.  For just a moment, push away any negative thoughts that come creeping in… you may still have to address challenging issues, but make this moment only about goodness.  Savor it.

  2. Keep a gratitude journal.  Get yourself an attractive journal and a pen that you enjoy writing with… keep them close at hand.  Each day, take a few minutes to write one word, one phrase, one line, or one paragraph about something you feel grateful for.

  3. Say “Thank You.”  Seems simple enough… do what your mama always taught you… if someone has done something kind for you, express your appreciation.  Send a handwritten note, write a quick text, give ‘em a call.  Simply saying how grateful you are will bring both you and your recipient a bit of happiness.

So, even when you’re feeling down… even when things don’t seem to be going your way… take a moment to give thanks for the goodness that is there.  Adopt an attitude of gratitude and the gifts you will receive in return will be immeasurable. 

Happy Networking!

P.S. – Today, I am GRATEFUL for YOU!  Thank you for being part of the CLC community.  Thank you for allowing me to do work that fills me up.  Thank you for the gift of your friendship.  Wishing you and yours a happy, meaningful Thanksgiving… today and always.

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