Drink It In

With Thanksgiving upon us and other traditional holiday gatherings following shortly thereafter, we are each sure to be plied with boundless amounts of food and beverage while “Uncle Charlie” regales us with the same stories he’s told every holiday since the dawn of time. 

Whether you love the holidays or abhor them, it can help to have a strategy in mind about how to get through them!  Take this advice:  Whoever you find yourself surrounded by – people you know, people you don’t know, people you like, people you like less… they carry information with them that can be informative.  Seek it out!  Make it a game for yourself to obtain information that will be of value to you.

Though it might feel like a stretch, as you are digesting that last bite of candied yam… as you go for one more slice of your sister’s famous pumpkin pie… remember that every person has value to add, wisdom to share, and lessons to impart.  It’s up to you to find that nugget of goodness, something to make this holiday the most memorable, yet (in a good way!).

Wondering where you might discover that inspiration?  Try these conversation starters for the holiday table:

  1. “What are you thankful or grateful for this year?”
  2. “Who has had the most impact on you this year?”
  3. “What are you most excited about right now?”
  4. “What have you enjoyed spending your energy on this year?”
  5. “What is your funniest childhood holiday memory?”
  6. “If you could pick one traditional holiday dish and eat it throughout the year, what would it be?”
  7. “If you could eliminate one traditional holiday dish from the annual menu, what would it be?”
  8. “With all that is going on in the world, what is something about which you have hope?”
  9. “Who is one person, living or deceased, fictional or nonfictional, who we should include at next year’s holiday table?”
  10. “What is one goal you hope to accomplish between now and the end of the year?”

So, gather your people together.  Extract the goodness they each possess.  Drink it in!

Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy Networking!

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