Collect Friends

A beautiful, wonderful, life-long friend passed away this past week.  I was devastated.  A kinder, sweeter, more thoughtful person never existed.  Stephanie’s smile could light up a room and, almost to the point of exhaustion, she would ask question after question to really find out what was going on with everyone she encountered.  One thing I know for sure – she never met a stranger!  In fact, at her funeral, over the course of several eulogies this was reiterated.  Each one said, in turn, that her heart was always big enough to welcome in another friend.

Most people I know collect things.  My brother, for example, collects unique bourbons.  Some close friends of mine collect Japanese woodblock paintings and Chinese art.  Another friend has a gorgeous collection of scarves. I, myself, have a collection of glass hearts.  Stephanie collected friends.  What a lovely collectible to take up!

What does your collection of friends look like?  Do you have a group from childhood?  Perhaps from junior high or high school who you still keep in touch with?  How about your college pals?  Did you create a new friend group when you landed your first job?  How about when you had your first child?  Are you part of a professional club or society where you have encountered adults in the working world who you call friends?

It is never too late to collect friends.  Consider these ideas:

  1. Reconnect with friends from your past.  One benefit of social media is that finding people from your previous lives is relatively easy.  Reach out – they will be delighted to reconnect with you.

  2. Touch base.  Whether you have time for a quick hello by text or for a more luxurious get together over tea one afternoon, make time to strengthen and/or renew your connection with people who have meant something to you at one point or another.

  3. Open your heart to new friends.  Surely you have room in your life for more connections.  Ensure you are open to welcoming others into your life.  There is certainly information to share and value to bring to one another.

Be sure to nurture and take good care of your collection of friends.  It will serve you well your life through. 

Happy Networking!

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