Aim Small, Miss Small: The Power of Setting Goals

In the world of business and beyond, setting goals is often touted as the key to success. After all, how can you reach your destination if you don’t know where you’re going? While this may seem like a no-brainer, many people find themselves struggling to set and achieve their goals.

One of the biggest challenges is that people often set their sights too high. They aim for the moon and end up falling short, discouraged and defeated. This is what came to mind after opening a recent fortune cookie and finding, “the odds of hitting your target go up dramatically when you aim at it.”

As in archery, aiming at your target increases your chances of hitting it. The same is true for setting goals. When you set a series of small, achievable goals, you’re more likely to stick with them and eventually achieve them.  They are stepping stones to achieving those BIG objectives you have in mind.

So, how do you go about setting goals that are both ambitious and achievable? Here are a few tips:

  • Start small. Don’t try to change your entire life overnight. Start by outlining a series of small, achievable goals that build on one another. 
  • Be specific. Don’t just say you want to “get in shape.” Instead, say you want to go to the gym three times a week or walk 30 minutes three times a week.
  • Set a deadline. Calendar your goals.  Having deadlines will help you stay on track and motivated.
  • Track your progress. Seeing how far you’ve come will help you stay motivated and help you keep your eye on the prize.
  • Celebrate your successes. When you achieve a goal, take some time to celebrate your accomplishment. You can dance it out, give a little fist pump, or reward yourself in some other way that will remind you of where you started, what you’ve achieved, and what’s to come.

Remember, setting goals is not about perfection. It’s about progress. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way. Keep aiming at your target and take the necessary steps to hit it.

Happy Networking!

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